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Serving Clients in Florida, NY and NJ. Practicing with Compassion & Professionalism for More Than 20 Years
Practice Areas

Estate Planning
Everyone, young or old, rich or poor, has an Estate Plan, whether they have ever been to see a lawyer or not. That is because if you don't create your own, the State in which you live has one for you. You may not like it, and it probably won't provide for what you would provide, but it is there nevertheless and will control the disposition of your property after your death... (more)

Estate Administration
When someone dies owning real or personal property which does not pass by operation of law or beneficiary designation, it is necessary to administer that property. If the decedent held all of his or her property in a Revocable Living Trust, there may not be an estate to administer, simply because there was no property owned by the decedent. Property passing by operation of law includes the "non probate" property listed below... (more)

Real Estate
Buying a home, whether it is your first or twenty-first is a significant event. Most of us find it necessary or helpful to seek the advice of professionals before we commit ourselves to the task. In going through the process, one should expect to consult a real estate broker, a mortgage broker, a loan officer, a financial consultant, a home inspector, a surveyor, and, of course, an attorney... (more)

Business Transactions
I am equipped to handle a wide variety of business transactions, from basic contracts to transactions for the purchase and sale of entire businesses.

Whether establishing a new business, acquiring a business through an asset or stock purchase, contemplating a merger, we deliver solutions for our clients.(more)
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